Product Design
Pervisioni is a global network of young designers, dedicated towards realizing ambitious and original projects. For more information regarding press, sales and distribution please feel free to contact us.
[email protected]
Interior Design
Our interdisciplinary network gives us the possibility to realize interior projects. Skills in communication and product design are necessary to plan a shop successfully. We enjoy the challenge of designing the individual product elements as well as the integration of Corporate Design in a retail environment.
Corporate Design
Based on the specific personality of each company, we develop an adequate image. The corporate design creates a unique recognisability of the company and gives the brand a firm stand in modern society. It increases the trust of both your clients and your employees.
Logos, brands, letterheads, business cards, envelopes, brochures, catalogues, mailings, etc.
Print Communication
We offer specific advertising concepts for certain customer groups, for big shot campaigns but we also provide solutions for single graphic design tasks. All the advertising material comes from our own premises (photography, illustration and graphic design) A tight collaboration with printers in Italy and Switzerland guarantee the highest printing standards.
Posters, info brochures, catalogues, leaflets, alternative advertising material,...
Digital Media
The new media are an important part of today’s marketing concepts. They give a company the possibility to reach a huge audience with relatively small means.We can find the right mixture for your company, be it a content management site, animated banners, web business cards or flash-based sites.
D-html, flash, content management, banners, animations, DVD/CD-Rom presentations
Communication in Exhibitions
One big advantage of Pervisioni is the mutual inspiration of communication and product design. With the design of exhibition space the experience with two and three-dimensional raster grids of the graphic designer meets the professional rendering of the product designer. Packaging and any further elaboration of you corporate designs like signs, gadgets, uniforms, etc. are another field where the specialists of the two different sectors meet and interact.
Design of trade fairs, exhibitions, packaging, gadgets, signs, uniforms, ..
Pervisioni avails of a very successful photographer from Bologna, who has years of experience in fashion, still life and product photography.
Pervisioni was founded in 2004 by Paul Kogelnig and Gabriel Heusser.
We are a network of young product designers, graphic artists, web designers and photographers who can easily switch between the various categories. Our strong collaboration guarantees the highest flexibility according to our clients’ needs. A consistent concept, thorough planning and a professional production will make your project an immediate success.
Zahlreiche Veröffentlichungen sowie renommierte Kunden sprechen für sich selbst.
Pervisioni hat nicht nur im Produktdesign mit dem Projekt Cutting up Knives für Furore gesorgt auch im Interiordesign sowie in Grafic und Multimedia beweisen Arbeiten wie die Webseite von Sebastian Bergne, das Ladenbau Konzept für das Kaffeespezialitätengeschäft „Farbmacher“, Kreativität und professionelle Umsetzung.
Here you find pictures in high resolution and description texts sorted by projects, as al the Information about us and the latest exhebitions we have done.
Paul Kogelnig
born 22.08.1979
in Innsbruck, Austria
high school combined with carpenter degree
2003 BA in Industrial Design at
Free University of Bolzano

[email protected]
mobilephone: 0039-3280381951

Gabriel Heusser
born 21.05.1978
in Basle, Switzerland
2003 BA in Industrial Design at
Free University of Bolzano
  [email protected]
mobilephone: 0039-3204283183
- Jim Hannontan, Australia, Industrial Design
- Cameron Snelgar, South Africa, Industrial Design
- Clemens S. Kisselbach, Germany, Photography
- Michael Rathmayer, Austria, Photography
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